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Winter Notice:
There is a ban on all night parking on village streets from 2am-6am
from December 1st through April 30.
There is a ban on parking any vehicle on village sidewalks at anytime.
There is a ban on snowmobiles on village sidewalks at anytime.
No parking in front of fire hydrants at anytime of year.
We hope you enjoy the Winter and Snow safely this season.


Among these pages you will be able to access information about the village, local government, community events and various programs.  We value your comments and encourage you to get involved with our collective efforts to improve the Village of Remsen.

BARN fest

Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts

September 23 & 24, 2017

For more information visit




NY State Law limits each property to ONE UNREGISTERED VEHICLE.

Remove any additional unregistered vehicles from your property as soon as possible.

Information for removal of unregistered vehicles is available through the Town Hall at 831.5558


Unauthorizied use of ATV's within the village on Public Roadways & Posted Private Property is strictly prohibited & will be reported to Law Enforcement.

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