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Winter Ordinances & Tips

Winter Ordinances & Tips

Winter Ordinances regarding Parking and Snowmobile Ban

Ordinance No. 3 -Ban on all night parking on streets from 2am to 6am December 1st through April 30th. Vehicles violating this ordinance will be towed away at owner's expense.


* Ordinance No. 4 -Ban on parking on sidewalks of the Village at any time.


* Ordinance No. 6 -Ban on Snowmobiles on Village sidewalks at anytime.




Here are a few suggestions to help village residents

avoid damage to their property & the village municipality.


* NO PARKING in front of Fire Hydrants anytime of year.

Please give snow plows plenty of room so they can clear & sand roads effectively.

* School buses make frequent stops throughout the village.  Please leave extra room behind buses to stop in an emergency & watch for children emerging from behind high snow bank.

* Pull out slowly & cautiously into roadways when snow banks are high & when visibility is bad.

* Avoid blowing snow directly into roadways.

* Keep items like toys, sleds, shovels etc. out of walkways.  The village will be plowing & snow blowing the sidewalks along Main Street before school starts in the morning & as necessary.

* Help the Fire Department by shoveling out the fire hydrant in front of your house.


Water & Sewer Service in the Winter

In case of water or sewer emergency call Fred Cassidy at 315.335.4794


**Village residents are responsible for maintenance, repairs and any incurred costs of the water and sewer lines from their home to the connection at the main line (including the meter).  Insulating pipes, meters, and meter pits can help prevent lines from freezing and breaking.  Please contact Fred Cassidy for suggestions about preventative insulation if you've had problems in years past.**


* If  the water or sewer service freezes or breaks call Fred Cassidy as soon as possible at the number above


* During extremely cold weather, to prevent pipes from freezing, leave your kitchen & bathroom faucets running with a very small trickle of water


* Insulate the water pipes from where they enter the exterior wall of the home, to where they enters heated living space. Insulate around the water meter so it will not break (the home owner will be charged for meter replacement due to freezing)


Have a Safe & Wonderful Winter Season

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